Sunday, 1 October 2017

Power Cuffs: 2 weeks after

I received my Power Cuffs 2 weeks ago. It is time to make an assessment.

1st: I love them! I will say many drawbacks in this article, but I still love them.
2nd: I did not spend 100% of the time in. The reasons are below.

Power Cuffs: I feel their power very well! and unfortunately, it resulted in little injuries. Because of their huge weight, I got some bruises on my right wrist. Bruises prevented me from wearing Power Cuffs all the time.
Besides, they are very painful to wear. When I move my arms, the cuffs bump in my wrists: their speed and their weight go straight in my wrist bones. I didn't break any bone yet, but trust me: the pain is real.

The blacksmith can craft lighter cuffs. He said having made permanent cuffs for guys, and they are up to 16 mm thick. I think I can wear my Power Cuffs all the time. However, I will need a lot of training.

It was the same war for the belt: I needed a lot of time to get used to it, I had injuries (bruises and wounds), but now I can spend days in.

Power Cuffs, the power around your wrists.


  1. thank you for your assessment.
    for your skin injury i think you can perhaps wear
    gloves or wrap bandage to protect your skin
    another thing :
    have you planned ankles power cuffs
    all the set with collar and wrists cuff will be beautiful
    view for me and certainly a great and hard challenge for you
    have you planned

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      Skin injuries are normal. These cuffs are really heavy, I need training.
      Heavy ankles cuffs are planned. The blacksmith is willing to make some for me.
      I want to try spending 48 h in Power Cuffs (I never slept in them). Unfortunately, I am currently sick.