Wednesday, 26 September 2018

No news?

I haven't updated this blog for ages. Well, I have been very busy in Summer. Not so much time do try challenges.

As every year, I am considering doing a 30-day challegne in February. I don't know yet which belt to use, I know my body already took a lot, but I want to do more.

I am still very active on Twitter and Tumblr. I publish pictures every day there. I am not dead yet!

Sunday, 22 July 2018

The day after my pluged challenge

24 h flew after my freedom.

My body functions are back to normal: I eat normally, I pee normally, and my vagina s fine. Just some soreness remaining, but I will need more days to heal them.

Parts covered by my belt got some oxydes: this is a defect from my belt. Everything is fine though.

I am happy to have done this challenge, but I don't think I will ever try it again. I love challenges. However, impacts on my health are not good.

Thank you for having followed and encouraged me!

Saturday, 21 July 2018

72 h plugged: DONE!

I have been living my last day plugged, and I was not worried about the consequences on my health anymore. The thoughts to be freed soon made me very strong.

My body functions were impacted: I went less often to toilet, I peet less often, I felt in less good shape. And the worst: I was unable to finish my meals anymore.
These were effects I have never got in hot weather (unless I am sick of course, and I am not sick currently). It will be interesting to see how I evolve after the unplugging.

I confirm arm warmers and hair elastic work very well.

I will write an article within few days, to tell if my body functions are back to normal.

Globally, the challenge was not what I expected. I expected to be horny all the time, I just got lack of comfort. The plug is stiff to wear, and I smell! pussy smells are awful! Just a little horniness at the beginning, then nothing.

It was interesting to live though.

I am so happy! I was shouting, jumping, meowing, ... it was very hard but I made it =^.^=
I don't feel my armor is missing. I love being nude and vagina empty =^.^=

Trying 72 h plugged: evening thoughts

My clock displays what time it is on the wall aside my bed.
I can read "23:49" on the wall. My challenge will end in less than 21 h.
I just had a breakdown.
1st: I broke a rule of the challenge: I am entitled to have only 1 daily break, and I just got my 2nd cleaning break of the day. I couldn't help it: I smelled a lot. When I pulled the plug out, it was drenched. I had to be cleaned before sleeping.
2nd: I had rednesses-sorenesses on my labia, where the plug is. I think they are due to labia pinching I got before putting the elastic. At least there were no blood and no wounds.

I was questioning this stupid challenge: why did I get myself into it? will it be really useful for science? what if I got serious health problems? silly questions, but I was worried.
I have unlocked the belt and have spent 5 long minutes to examine my pussy, lied down on my bed. It was full of cyprine with those red parts on my labia. I wanted to cry and abort the challenge.

I stood up and picked my camera downstairs. I wanted to shoot pictures to show you my poor labia. Then I headed to the bathroom: I cleaned the belt, the plug and my pussy. Then I grabbed my bottle of oil: I rubbed oil on my pussy, my belt and the plug. It slept easily in me, and when I closed the padlocked, I smiled.

I can read "23:58" on the wall. My challenge will end in less than 21 h. The belt is on my pelvic area and the plug is deep in me. I didn't give up.
I have weaknesses, even the toughest warriors are vincible. I am shedding some tears, but I am happy: I didn't give up. I have a challenge to finish, and I want to make it. I already destroyed harder challenges, and I have a lot of fans to make happy!

My fingers point out my reddened skin. Black spots are oxyde parts from my belt.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Trying 72 h plugged: fixing problems

I am not the most beautiful girl on this planet, but I am not the most stupid either!
I found ways to prevent labia pinching and more bruises on my wrists.

Power Cuffs are now protected: I put a arm warmer between my skin and these cuffs. I have now a padding which makes them more comfortable.

Plug: labia pinching is a real annoyance, and the way I tried fixing it is very... unusual. I put a hair elastic at the bottom of the plug: the little gap between the slot and the rod is now filled with this elastic. And it works very well!

The plug gives me a very weak effect. I must be too trained to fight sexual frustration.

Time left: 28 h. The challenge is still tough.

Elastic band is a very nice invention!

 Ready to go outdoors, wrists protected.

Trying 72 h plugged: half-way

This challenge is definitely not going as fine as I expected.

Collar: nothing wrong. It gives a lot of pressure on my ribcage, but I am trained enough.

Bra: no problems either.

Belt: if I was not plugged, the belt would have caused no problems.

Plug: since I changed the plug, my vagina is feeling very good. The plug is thin and its effects are weak. I am trained to undergo sexual frustration.
The problems are: I am not trained to have something in me continuously (hence I have some difficulties to sit), and my labia are pinched all the time! no matter how I am placed, there is always a piece of labia which will be trapped between the slot and the rod.

Power Cuffs: their weight is getting to me. My wrists feel painful where the steel pushes. I worry if I am getting bruises.

I remind this belt is a prototype. It is not perfect and I don't complain about problems I can occur.

The chamllenge is still going on. 36 h plugged remaining on the timer.


Thursday, 19 July 2018

Trying 72 h plugged: problems are fixed

I took 3 h unplugged (but belted of course) to relax my vagina. I am now plugged again.

I put the shorter plug in me, so  Iwill prevent more pain. This plug gives me quite a weak effect. I am just a little horny.
Let's see how it evolves the next hours!

My labia are sometimes pinched. This gives me a lot of pain, but I can easily cope with.

The time I spent without the plug will not be counted in the 72 h. I will be free Saturday at 20h.

Lubing my labia.

From left to right: the big My-Steel plug, the short Hell's plug, the long Hell's plus.

Trying 72 h plugged: problems happened

The challenge is not going as well as I expected. I have felt pain in my vagina for some hours.
I tried peeing, and it worked properly. Peeing plugged is a bit harder, the flow is slow, and I have to rinse carefully.

When I unlocked the belt to clean properly, I noticed the plug was very dirty (a little blood on the tip of the plug, and white stains on its length). I am not sure if I get infected or whatever, I may not have cleaned properly yesterday, so I prefer adapting rules.

I think I still need more training before succeeding in this challenge for good. But I don't give up yet: bra, collar and Power Cuffs are still on. The belt was locked back (empty). I have to take some hours vagina empty: if the pain calms down, I will try being plugged again.

Don't forget this blog is designed to talk about my experiences, and not to ruin my health. I am already very proud: I have spent more than 20 h plugged. This is my longest plugging attempt.

Remaining time on the timer: 51 h.

No pictures for now. I will share pictures later.

Trying 72 h plugged: after the 1st night

Before going to bed, I had to go to toilet. I had to unlock the belt (to defecate then clean properly). Pulling the plug out and pushing it back in is very hard: it makes me very horny!

Collar: it doesn't give me any problems for now.

Bra: no problems for now.

Belt: its weight is not a problem anymore. I developed a lot of strength. However, its thickness makes sitting hard. I have to sit on a soft surface (as a pillow or blanket).

Plug: it is very interesting to wear it. After few hours in me, I can fight the horniness easily. I slept normally this night (rememeber, I had troubles to sleep with the thick My-Steel plug).
The problem with the plug is: its length. It is very deep in me, and when I sit down, it goes even deeper. This makes me very horny, I feel it very well in me. Sitting on a soft surface weakens its effect, the best position is lied down.

Power Cuffs: my wrists are getting pain. They are heavy and my bones feel them very well. But I am fine for now.

According to my timer, I still have 57 h to live this challenge. Courage!

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Trying 72 h plugged: just started

I am crazy!
I just locked the Hell's Belt with the plug inside me.

Rules of this challenge are clear: I can unlock the belt daily if I need to go to toilet (it is important to clean, I don't want to get iinfected). Bra, collar and Power Cuffs must stay on all the time.

The plug is not very wide, but it is long: it keeps me turned on all the time. I AM HORNY!