Friday 27 August 2021


Let's make it short.

I moved on. The fetish life is not for me anymore. I evolved, I am not appealed anymore by wearing tons of steel.

I am sure my name will be remembered for years. I have done such great things. And I know my blog is still read by newbies, who want to get into chastity. I am glad of it ^^

Now it is time to drop all my steel gear for good, and to spread my wings. My deepest young-girl-dream is now my daily life: I became a wonderful mermaid.

My current way of life. It is fin-tastic!

Thursday 22 October 2020

Little assessment about aborted Locktober

Some of my fans contacted me about this stopped attempt of Locktober. They understand me, I really appreciate their messages. Thanks guys!

I didn't think about Locktober at all for few days.Today is a very special day, and I thought a lot about my life in chastity. It brought me protection, hard but very interesting challenges. I documented this awesome blog which is a reference in the chastity world. I might be the only girl in the world to have done 3 times 30 days with 3 different belts without any break.

Now I feel less appealed by chastity. I don't have anything to learn about it anymore. I explored too much of chastity, it is not fun anymore to go on this way. Hence being challenged by Locktober was pointless.


I talked a lot about my swimming sessions. Being a mermaid gives me so much fun, and I feel I have a lot to learn underwater. I face some challenges when I am a mermaid. Somehow, my fin and my belts have similarities: they give me challenges I love overcoming, they change my mental map, I have an other body when I wear them.


Exactly 4 years ago, I bidded ChastityB****.com my farewell (my true fans know which website I refer to). I think this is the right day to bid chastity challenges my farewell.

Don't be sad. I will keep wearing my armors for shoots and to travel safe. Just, it is not something I will wear in daily life anymore.


I will keep this blog as a mine of information for whoever wants to get into chastity. I could haver never realised I played such a role in this world. There is no doubt my name will be remembered for some extra years, both thanks to my creative and because of my destructive powers.

Thanks to all of you, and keep following me on other platforms!

Saturday 17 October 2020

Locktober day 17: my armor is back on shelves

I reached a decision. Locktober doesn't bring me anything. I don't have any pleasure nor challenge to continue Locktober in these conditions. As a consequence, I decided to drop it.

Nevertheless, I don't consider this challenge as a failure. According to me, it is pointless to be unlocked all the time for cleaning breaks or for other reasons as swims or shoots. Getting out of the belt breaks the rhythm.

If I wanted to do a real Locktober which is worth to be lived, I should have dropped my daily swims. This is definitely not a suitable option.

I hope this article will not disappoint you. After all, I have done so many harder challenges, this one was not for me. Sorry.

Friday 16 October 2020

Locktober day 16: unbelted

This day was just too busy.

Morning: waken up at 6h40 to have a swim.

Then: gone to my family, and I don't wear the armor. I prefer avoiding they ask silly questions.

I went back home at 19h30, and I didn't have time to change. So I spent a lot of time unlocked. I will lock up for the evening.

The key is in the lock.

Thursday 15 October 2020

Locktober day 15: half way

I have a very strange feeling about Locktober. I have mixed feeelings. The challenge is so unimpressive for me, it feels like nothing started and it will never end. Hard to describe.

Today was a regular day. I went buying grocery (in a catsuit, remember I am allowed thanks to new rules). Then I had a swim (relaxed one, just 50 lengths). And finally, I went to meditation courses. They were bloody boring, I didn't learn anything.

This is not my best day. Tomorrow will be better.

How I was dressed outdoors.

Wednesday 14 October 2020

Locktober day 14: 2 weeks done!

 Already 2 weeks elapsed! and for now, sexual frustration is null. I feel my libido doesn't exist anymore.

I swam a lot (130 lengths, 6.5 km). Then I locked my armor and I went to the post office. Walking on legs is a little strange after such a swim, but it went well. The armor didn't hinder my walk at all.

I don't know what else to say. This challenges bores me. Unlocking the armor for my swims and for hygiene makes the challenge too easy.

Yesterday, I forgot to shoot the picture. Today, I share 2 of them.

Tuesday 13 October 2020

Locktober day 13: busy busy day

Alarm clock rang very early the morning. I woke up and I prepared to go to a service, in order to find a job (it is very hard to explain in English). I was with 7 other unemployed persons. I was noticed as a very original girl (with my LED name tag on the shirt and my way to talk). However, none of them questioned the collar nor the chains on my chest.

Once again, I proved you can belong to a vanilla group while wearing a superthick collar and a chastity bra. Girls who don't dare wearing their collars in public are chicks.

After this service, I went back home, I unlocked the armor to put on my swimsuit I spent 2 hours in the water. Nothing special to report, that was a regular swim. Flipping my fins is great after a day at work!

Monday 12 October 2020

Locktober day 12: recovered

I slept a lot this night (11 hours). I ate a lot (twice compared to regular days). That helped me to recover from my hard swims. Swimming 4 km used to be a great achievement, it is now part of my daily life.

Swimming as a mermaid has positive impacts of my body: I take greater care of it. I use a lot of oil on my hair and skin. I apply drops in my eyes to protect them. I shave my legs less often (meaning I get less cuts). On the dark side, I tend to forget locking my stuff after getting back home. Usually I have a hot shower to relax, then I collapse in my bed with calm, fantastic music.

I don't feel the difference between being belted or not.

As far as my blister is concerned: well, it is healed. I don't see it anymore.

I didn't shave my pubis. I didn't consider shaving it or letting its hair grow. I will choose the latter option to make the challenge a bit more interesting.

I need your ideas: I cannot add thigh cuffs or plugs with my Access Denied belt. So how could I make the challenge harder?

The pubis will remain unshaved for the whole challenge.

Sunday 11 October 2020

Locktober day 11: too relaxed day

This night, I didn't sleep very well. I don't know why. Maybe my little ear infection prevented me from sleeping properly.

This morning, I had a swim. There are several pools in the facilities, I tried the children's pool. It is shallow (from 40 cm to 120 cm), I had a nice time thinking about nothing and relaxing. I felt too serene: I had serious losses of vigilance, swimming was not safe. I just spent 2 hours in these facilities. At home, I slept a lot.

The challenge is going on quite well. Wearing the armor is not a problem anymore. It would be time to harden the challenge... but for now, I don't want.


I feel great, just "deactivated" because of being too calm.



A dress is enough to hide my armor.

Saturday 10 October 2020

Locktober day 10: softening rules

The support I get seems to be limited to some loves and few comments on social networks I am.

I have a video store to earn money. Since the beginning of this challenge, I earned less than 30 $ thanks to it. This is not even the half of my worst month. I know there is a huge crisis right now, but seriously, it is disgusting and demotivating to have got so little cash!

As a consequence, I consider Locktober doesn't deserve to be continued with the same rules. I will soften the challenge to match better my daily life and wellbeing.

The point will remain the same: wear my armor as long as I can at home, and not get any orgasm. But:

  1. During my workout and breathing exercises, I can unlock the whole armor to be gain efficiency.
  2. When I need to buy grocery, I can wear a catsuit without wearing my armor.


If no one has objections against those rules, they will start tomorrow. If anyone has objections, I don't care. Rememeber no one pays me to do this, and I am free to change rules whenever I want. #P4YP