Saturday, 21 July 2018

72 h plugged: DONE!

I have been living my last day plugged, and I was not worried about the consequences on my health anymore. The thoughts to be freed soon made me very strong.

My body functions were impacted: I went less often to toilet, I peet less often, I felt in less good shape. And the worst: I was unable to finish my meals anymore.
These were effects I have never got in hot weather (unless I am sick of course, and I am not sick currently). It will be interesting to see how I evolve after the unplugging.

I confirm arm warmers and hair elastic work very well.

I will write an article within few days, to tell if my body functions are back to normal.

Globally, the challenge was not what I expected. I expected to be horny all the time, I just got lack of comfort. The plug is stiff to wear, and I smell! pussy smells are awful! Just a little horniness at the beginning, then nothing.

It was interesting to live though.

I am so happy! I was shouting, jumping, meowing, ... it was very hard but I made it =^.^=
I don't feel my armor is missing. I love being nude and vagina empty =^.^=

Trying 72 h plugged: evening thoughts

My clock displays what time it is on the wall aside my bed.
I can read "23:49" on the wall. My challenge will end in less than 21 h.
I just had a breakdown.
1st: I broke a rule of the challenge: I am entitled to have only 1 daily break, and I just got my 2nd cleaning break of the day. I couldn't help it: I smelled a lot. When I pulled the plug out, it was drenched. I had to be cleaned before sleeping.
2nd: I had rednesses-sorenesses on my labia, where the plug is. I think they are due to labia pinching I got before putting the elastic. At least there were no blood and no wounds.

I was questioning this stupid challenge: why did I get myself into it? will it be really useful for science? what if I got serious health problems? silly questions, but I was worried.
I have unlocked the belt and have spent 5 long minutes to examine my pussy, lied down on my bed. It was full of cyprine with those red parts on my labia. I wanted to cry and abort the challenge.

I stood up and picked my camera downstairs. I wanted to shoot pictures to show you my poor labia. Then I headed to the bathroom: I cleaned the belt, the plug and my pussy. Then I grabbed my bottle of oil: I rubbed oil on my pussy, my belt and the plug. It slept easily in me, and when I closed the padlocked, I smiled.

I can read "23:58" on the wall. My challenge will end in less than 21 h. The belt is on my pelvic area and the plug is deep in me. I didn't give up.
I have weaknesses, even the toughest warriors are vincible. I am shedding some tears, but I am happy: I didn't give up. I have a challenge to finish, and I want to make it. I already destroyed harder challenges, and I have a lot of fans to make happy!

My fingers point out my reddened skin. Black spots are oxyde parts from my belt.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Trying 72 h plugged: fixing problems

I am not the most beautiful girl on this planet, but I am not the most stupid either!
I found ways to prevent labia pinching and more bruises on my wrists.

Power Cuffs are now protected: I put a arm warmer between my skin and these cuffs. I have now a padding which makes them more comfortable.

Plug: labia pinching is a real annoyance, and the way I tried fixing it is very... unusual. I put a hair elastic at the bottom of the plug: the little gap between the slot and the rod is now filled with this elastic. And it works very well!

The plug gives me a very weak effect. I must be too trained to fight sexual frustration.

Time left: 28 h. The challenge is still tough.

Elastic band is a very nice invention!

 Ready to go outdoors, wrists protected.

Trying 72 h plugged: half-way

This challenge is definitely not going as fine as I expected.

Collar: nothing wrong. It gives a lot of pressure on my ribcage, but I am trained enough.

Bra: no problems either.

Belt: if I was not plugged, the belt would have caused no problems.

Plug: since I changed the plug, my vagina is feeling very good. The plug is thin and its effects are weak. I am trained to undergo sexual frustration.
The problems are: I am not trained to have something in me continuously (hence I have some difficulties to sit), and my labia are pinched all the time! no matter how I am placed, there is always a piece of labia which will be trapped between the slot and the rod.

Power Cuffs: their weight is getting to me. My wrists feel painful where the steel pushes. I worry if I am getting bruises.

I remind this belt is a prototype. It is not perfect and I don't complain about problems I can occur.

The chamllenge is still going on. 36 h plugged remaining on the timer.


Thursday, 19 July 2018

Trying 72 h plugged: problems are fixed

I took 3 h unplugged (but belted of course) to relax my vagina. I am now plugged again.

I put the shorter plug in me, so  Iwill prevent more pain. This plug gives me quite a weak effect. I am just a little horny.
Let's see how it evolves the next hours!

My labia are sometimes pinched. This gives me a lot of pain, but I can easily cope with.

The time I spent without the plug will not be counted in the 72 h. I will be free Saturday at 20h.

Lubing my labia.

From left to right: the big My-Steel plug, the short Hell's plug, the long Hell's plus.

Trying 72 h plugged: problems happened

The challenge is not going as well as I expected. I have felt pain in my vagina for some hours.
I tried peeing, and it worked properly. Peeing plugged is a bit harder, the flow is slow, and I have to rinse carefully.

When I unlocked the belt to clean properly, I noticed the plug was very dirty (a little blood on the tip of the plug, and white stains on its length). I am not sure if I get infected or whatever, I may not have cleaned properly yesterday, so I prefer adapting rules.

I think I still need more training before succeeding in this challenge for good. But I don't give up yet: bra, collar and Power Cuffs are still on. The belt was locked back (empty). I have to take some hours vagina empty: if the pain calms down, I will try being plugged again.

Don't forget this blog is designed to talk about my experiences, and not to ruin my health. I am already very proud: I have spent more than 20 h plugged. This is my longest plugging attempt.

Remaining time on the timer: 51 h.

No pictures for now. I will share pictures later.

Trying 72 h plugged: after the 1st night

Before going to bed, I had to go to toilet. I had to unlock the belt (to defecate then clean properly). Pulling the plug out and pushing it back in is very hard: it makes me very horny!

Collar: it doesn't give me any problems for now.

Bra: no problems for now.

Belt: its weight is not a problem anymore. I developed a lot of strength. However, its thickness makes sitting hard. I have to sit on a soft surface (as a pillow or blanket).

Plug: it is very interesting to wear it. After few hours in me, I can fight the horniness easily. I slept normally this night (rememeber, I had troubles to sleep with the thick My-Steel plug).
The problem with the plug is: its length. It is very deep in me, and when I sit down, it goes even deeper. This makes me very horny, I feel it very well in me. Sitting on a soft surface weakens its effect, the best position is lied down.

Power Cuffs: my wrists are getting pain. They are heavy and my bones feel them very well. But I am fine for now.

According to my timer, I still have 57 h to live this challenge. Courage!

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Trying 72 h plugged: just started

I am crazy!
I just locked the Hell's Belt with the plug inside me.

Rules of this challenge are clear: I can unlock the belt daily if I need to go to toilet (it is important to clean, I don't want to get iinfected). Bra, collar and Power Cuffs must stay on all the time.

The plug is not very wide, but it is long: it keeps me turned on all the time. I AM HORNY!

Friday, 15 June 2018

5 days in Chinese belt are over!

I made it! it was not as easy as I expected, but I made it.

I will not talk about sexual frustration. This is something I underwent very well, I will focus on technical aspects.

Going to toilet with the Chinese belt is easy. However, you have to be careful, since you can be irritated on your rear with the Chinese belt (bare steel gave me some irritations).
The bra was fine, except the sternal part. I already talked about this before.

Marks are dark red, but they fade out within 1 h.

I am really tired. I didn't sleep so well. I am not used to wearing this cheap stuff anymore.

My stuff is off.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Assessment of the electric day

Today, I spent a lot of time with the shocking machine on my pelvic area. I had to use my car, and I don't want to have an accident, so I drove powered off.
I expected to be turned on for a long time, and it was the case just at the beginning. My body got used to electric waves and fought against them. Electricity is still fun to use, just it loses interest after few hours. Experience to do again!

I measured the voltage of the battery: I think I partially emptied it. It should be 9 V, I measured 8.38 V (did you know I studied engineering?).

Time has come to sleep (without electric stimulation). Tomorrow will be the key-day, and a global assessment of the Chinese armor!

I am tired, time for a good night of sleep.