Thursday, 23 November 2017

12 h in the Iron Maiden Corset: after 7 h 30

This challenge is very tough, but I have done more than its half!

Why the IMC is so hard to wear:
  • I can't bend: to pick up an item dropped on the floor, or to put my shoes on/off, it is very hard.
  • I can't go to toilet: I didn't need to use toilets for now, but it could be an issue for "the big one".
  • When I need to skate, my thighs chafe against the shield (which is loose because of weight losses).
  • The pressure of the bars is awful.
  • Driving! if I need to drive, getting in/out the car is a funny challenge (but safe).
My Iron Maiden Corset is a prototype, made only for me. However, if someone wants to have a steel corset for 24/7 restraints, I think it can be improved (plates instead of bars, holes for urination and defecation, and maybe without collar).
I will not chang my IMC. I love it as it is =^.^=

Less than 5 h to go. Wish me courage!

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