Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Double-plugged: the revenge: 4 h done: end

4 hours with my holes full! I am very happy to have done so long!

Although I can spend longer double-plugged, I don't have so much time to do longer. I would like to shoot other videos, and prepare my suitcases to travel the day after tomorrow.

The next step would be: a day double-plugged (12 h). Or maybe double-plugged in trains (as I did in December 2016 with my vaginal plug). Give your ideas in comments!

Few people asked me if I can orgasm double-plugged: without clitoral stimulation, I can't orgasm. I can't get any pleasure except horniness.

After a nice shower, I feel filled of pride, and empty holes.


  1. I suppose a good challenge would be to have the two of them in a train trip, because of its rattle movement and being surrounded by people.

  2. I imagine the most difficult and uncomfortable part of being double pugged while on a train is you will be limited in the positions you can take. For the most part just have to sit there. If you try - good luck with the challenge.

  3. Well done! Keep at it, eventually you will be able to wear them both for 24 hours!