Thursday, 23 November 2017

12 h in the Iron Maiden Corset: D O N E ! !

Wow, it was a very tough challenge! I am so happy I have made it =^.^=

The shield was wet inside. Maybe I was so excited to get my freedom, and my pusy leaked. I could not resist: after having dropped my IMC on the floor, I jumped on the couch, and I rubbed my pussy. Of course, the excitement and the orgasm I got were weaker than the 1st March, but my meow, they were strong!

The 1st guy who says "do this again with a toy inside you", I don't know which fate he will get...

My marks are deep and red, but not as much as I expected. They can be compared to the ones I got after few hours.

Stay tuned for my future challenges. Maybe Santa will bring you something before Christmas...


Marks, front side

Marks, back side

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations - you did very well suffering through the 12 hours. Your IMC is certainly a restrictive device.