Sunday, 17 December 2017

Too busy to do challenges


I didn't updated this blog for 3 weeks. I am too busy to do challenges, and I don't want to try challenges shorter than 24 h anymore. I would love to try longer challenges. So there are not so many things to say here.

I am considering about doing 30 days in belt-bra-collar in 2018. There are just 2 big problems:
• When: it is hard to keep 30 free days without any shoots. I always have a shoot, or I am invited for a party, ... which makes a full month undoable.
• Which belt: the collar and the bra are very good, whereas my My-Steel belt is worn out. Being locked in for 30 days is now dangerous. I need an other belt, and I would like to try a different brand. I have a Chinese belt in the case I don't find any good belt for me.

Why do I want to do 30 days again?

I have asked myself this question a lot. I have made 31 days in belt-bra-collar (without any breaks), they were so tough and I don't recommend them to anyone. 3 main reasons:
1) New belt: I will not wear my My-Steel belt for days anymore. When I will get a new chastity belt (which fits me of course), it will be the one I will use for this challenge.
2) Mental aspect: my 1st trial was a success, although I took a step in the unknown. If I try 30 days again, I know what I will undergo. Will it make the challenge a bit easier? or will it make me more impatient and hornier to wait for the powerful orgasm I had the 1st March 2017? hard to say.
3) You: I made a poll on a social network, and you voted in favor of me doing 30 days again.

The main rules will be the same as in Winter 2017: 30 days without any breaks, not even for cleaning. I may change other rules, as removing (or lengthening) my time in full stuff. I keep the secret for now.

My dream-belt:

30 days in HeavyLine are my deepest dream. However, this belt is very expensive, and I don't know if it is really worth the try. I have never found any documentation about girls wearing heavy chastity belts.

I will not detail more for now. Maybe I will try other challenges soon. It will depend on how busy i will be. Stay tuned, 2017 is not finished yet!

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  1. Like the look of the Heavyline belt Wendy, at 2.4kg it is half a kilo heavier than my belt!