Saturday, 6 May 2017

24 h in full stuff + chains: FREE

The keys arrived! and I am so happy!!!

I can stretch my arms, I can run, I can jump, ... my normal life is retrieved!

This was a short but intense challenge. I made it!

From hardest to easiest:
  • Wrists: this was the point of this challenge. Being unable to use my arms properly is really have a normal daily life . Even grabbing a bowl on a shelf is hard!
  • Collar: its weight and the difficulty to push it by hand make the collar very hard to wear.
  • Thigh cuffs: I can't run, I need to be careful when I walk.
  • Chain between ankles: they limit the angle I can do with my legs, but this was not a so big problem.
  • Bra: it was tight and gave me some pain.
  • Belt: it annoyed me very little. No sexual frustration, and not much pain.

My next challenge? you were a lot to ask me about this! and I will keep the secret.

Some pictures of my freedom:

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