Wednesday, 17 May 2017

My Iron maiden Corset

I got this corset about 1 week ago writing this post. How about explaining this new device?

IMC = Iron Maiden Corset.

This device is a corset made out of steel bars. It is a unique device made to measure for me by a Belgian metal worker. Feel free to contact me if you want to get in touch with him (my email:

How does it close and lock?
The corset opens as a shell, the shield is the flexible part.
The collar has a little screw (hidden in the support of the ring).
Under my armpits, I have 2 wegdes which have to be into 2 holes.
Above my hips, I have 2 little wings designed to be padlocked together. Yes, I need a key to get out of this IMC!

Why is it restrictive?
A corset hinders breathing. And this one is horrible: after a long time in, I miss some air. The ribcage is tightened in the steel, and it's very hard to fill my lungs properly.
If you have some cuffs, you can cuff my hands behind my back, with the 2 little rings designed for this.
I can't bend my back nor my neck. My posture has to be straight.
And of course, the shield on my pussy prevents any use of sextoys!

Is it worse than the posture Trainer?
Hard to answer. The IMC and the Posture Trainer don't restrain me according to the same ways. Globally, I would say they are equivalent.

How much does it mark?
I published a picture of me marked in the previous article. Just watch it.
just rednesses which disappear within 1 h. But htey are deep.

How long can I wear it for?
You were a lot to ask me this question!
I can't answer, since I am not used to corsets at all. I was able to spend 1 h, but longer seems hard without training. A good challenge could be: spend 8 h in it. Unfortunately, i don't have the time right now.

As a little extra: I went to the Belgian metal worker to make this IMC. He needed to have me to check the measurements, lengths, bars, ...
If I wanted to stop earlier, I could have got a nice chastity belt (padlocked abone my hips).

Any other questions? I will answer them!


  1. could you put a toy deep into you vagina,then put on chastity device(IMC)and leave said toy buried /inserted while wearing device for one hours time..

    1. A toy deep in me, then put the IMC on? of course this is doable! I must try it.