Sunday, 13 May 2018

3 months after my HEAVY challenge

There are events of your life you cannot forget.

I still ask to myself why I have tried such a hard challenge. It made me very happy, I always say: with some willingness, everything is possible.

The emotional shock of my key-day is still in my mind. I feel powerful: I wear the Hell's Belt as anyone wears panties. I always say this challenge strengthened me a lot.

I wanted to write an article to tell you: the pride of having made it is still in my mind. This challenge had been as hard as beautiful for you and me.

I reached a point in my model life: being belted all the time is not possible anymore. I have catsuits, my wonderful Iron Maiden Corset, a new latex corset (given by a fan, tack), and so many outfits I love wearing, and incompatible with the Hell's Belt. I wear my armor from time to time.
As I feel stronger, I don't need to be protected anymore. I often go outdoors without my armor.

I had to take a serious break and not attempt any challenge for now. A double-plugged challenge is still planned, but I prefer recovering from my HEAVY challenge before doing anything else before. Meanwhile, I am curious to hear what you have in mind for me.

Do you like me wearing a latex corset?


  1. Yes, this outfit looks great on you.

  2. corset looks fantastique heavy collar belt and bra nice decorative accessories. Iron maiden corset and belt for a week as under wear except when inconvenient modeling jobs and the like.

    1. I already did 12 h in the IMC. Longer is impossible:
      - sleeping with it can be dangerous,
      - I can't go to number 2 with it,
      - I can't wear the chastity belt with it.
      Undoable challenges don't have their places on this blog. Please be realistic.

      However, this corset, belt, bra and collar can be an interesting challenge!

  3. However, this corset, belt, bra and collar can be an interesting challenge!

    oui, cette tenue 24/24 pendant plusieurs jours serait un nouveau vrai challenge surement pas facile et d'un inconfort evident, mais qui me ravirait.

  4. apologies and merci for explanation
    is there any where i could view a larger version of your 'logo' photo the 1 with belt bra and sword?