Friday, 1 June 2018

Training: being corseted for long

I keep being asked to do it, so I start documenting my training.
Corseted for as long as I can!

As a training, here is the plan: I will put my corset on and lace it, but not on its tightest setting. When needed, I will loosen it or take it off.
I don't have any goal. I just want to be able to be corseted for hours (if I can take so long).

Challenges will come later. I will have some more trips and shoots to do, then I will have some days to try short challenges.

It is normal to train some days or weeks before undergoing hard challenges. I had taken 3 years of chastity training before attending my 1st month in chastity (February 2017), and this experience was one of the toughest I have ever had. I don't want to say "I will try 30 days in the corset" then say "I give up, this is too tough".

To be honest, I am missing hard challenges. I need to relax after my mad days at BoundCon, and Summer is always a busy period of the year. As a consequence, I don't have time to try challenges longer than 24 h.

In a further article, I will explain how I feel corseted. So stay tuned!

Please note: when I use the word "corset", it refers to the latex corset. My steel corset is referred as "IMC" or "Iron Maiden Corset".

No picture for now, I am in a rush for an appointment.

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