Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Documenting my oldest stuff: on the 3rd day, Chastity Goddess adds a collar

After 24 h in the Chinese bra, I will give more details about it.

Pros of the Chinese bra compared to the My-Steel bra
  • The Chinese bra is 1 kg lighter than the My-Steel one. This difference is important for beginners or people who carry the bra in a suitcase.
  • No hangling chains in my back: they look pretty, but they can be really annoying.
  • No padlocks in my back: they damaged many of my shirts.
  • Adjustability: shall I explain why it is great to have an adjustable bra?
  • Less shiny cups: My-Steel cups are real mirrors which are annoying for shoots (it is not so good to see lights and photographers).

Cons of the Chinese bra compared to the My-Steel bra
  • Cups are not very well shaped. My-Steel cups are hemispheric with a flat ring on my skin. The Chinese bra has some tips near my sternum which is painful.
  • Steel is thinner and easier to break (I broke several Chinese chastity bras in the past!!).
  • Silicon can come off.
Nevertheless, I recommend the My-Steel chastity bra. The Chinese is good to begin, but My-Steel is much more suitable for long-term wearing.

I will add a thick collar on my neck for few days. It doesn't look so big, but it is quite heavy for a beginner. But I wear it just for the style, I already wore heavier for longer!

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