Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Documenting my oldest stuff: on the 4th day, Chastity Goddess adds wide cuffs

To make the experience spicier, I added my wide cuffs. The experience is much harder than expected: the stuff is not really heavy, but the comfort is average. I often have to replace the silicon since it comes off, and it is very unpleasant to have bare steel on the butt. It can result in irritations or wounds, so be careful with Chinese belts. I advise you to use oil to avoid these damages.

Every time I pee through this belt, I go to shower (or I pee in the shower). The belt is easy to clean while worn: water, soap on shield, and towel.

My belt is tight, but the safety is actually average. The steel is thin, it is easy to bend the belt and find a spot to access my genitalia (and I am flexible). Rubbing is too hard, resulting in impossibility to orgasm. On the contrary, My-Steel belts are much safer due to their double-shield system.

The heat plays an important role: sweat makes the silicon sticky and less comfortable (remember my 300 h with thigh cuffs last Summer). My nights are hard due to the hot weather, and this stuff doesn't help me. The pressure on my sternum is really hard to stand.

Tomorrow, the last piece of gear will be added. Friday morning, I will unlock everything. For me, it is worth downgrading to the old pieces of steel I got years ago. I hope you enjoy my torment!

My face is tired, I didn't set up my camera properly. The challenge is tougher than I expected.

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