Sunday, 10 June 2018

Documenting my oldest stuff: at the beginning, there is a chastity belt

I made a poll on Twitter, and the majority of voting fans wanted me to document my Chinese chastity belt. They are very common, and not so much documented...
I will wear it for 5 continuous days (I can't do longer because of my other shoots). Normally, I will be able to stand them.

The point of this experience is to document Chinese stuff, and to compare it with my heavy armor.

Stay tuned! a new experience began!


  1. I am a boy in Taiwan, but I can not speak English. Do you have a friend who knows Chinese? It should be a webpage translation which makes it easy for both sides to not understand.

  2. Linear belt, not suitable for wear, bone easy pain, lock-in seat is also high, I contact the dealer, see if you can also sell your arc belt, can only say sorry! As far as I know, straight-line adjustment is the longest distance to facilitate overseas sales. Otherwise, the arc belt can really be more comfortable to lock.

  3. See you locked in the Chinese system, a bit of heart pain, sold to you, not new, not comfortable, have seen a lot of girls locked it, if... This English understand, or understand Chinese, I in the follow-up answer, on the other side of the earth, like girls locked boys, of course I myself also used.