Monday, 11 June 2018

Documenting my oldest stuff: on the 2nd day, Chastity Goddess adds the chastity bra

24 h were spent with my Chinese chastity belt. I alread got interesting questions.

How can I prevent the silicon strip from slipping?

It is a big issue of Chinese equipment. Silicon is not glued and sometimes comes off. Fortunately, it is easy to put it back on.
Sometimes I use electrical tape or nylon wire to hold silicon. If silicon comes off near my anus, I can get some irritations because of the bare steel. This is very unpleasant, but it can be coped with.

Labia pinching

I added silicon gutters on the 2ndary shield. Thanks to them, my labia are not pinched (which is quite painful).

Where did I buy them?

I can give you a link by email or private message. logger's rules don't allow me to advertise stores.

How about airports?

I already wrote a detailed article about airport security checks. Actually, I have always crossed them with my My-Steel belt (my last flight was before I got the Hell's Belt).

I felt a bit strange with just the belt on. I am used to wearing belt and bra together. I consider wearing just a chastity belt is as wearing a monokini, this is not fine for me. But this time is over, since I added the bra today!
For the needs of the experience, I added the Chinese bra and not the bulky My-Steel bra.

My breasts are now safe.

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