Thursday, 27 April 2017

10 [7] days in full stuff, 8 days after freedom

Well... 8 days after my challenge. Time for a new assessment!

How are my lesions?

They are not yet healed. I expected them to be fully healed after 1 week, but no!
Drynesses on my arms are gone. But my right ankle is still horrible (picture below). Besides, I discovered today my left thigh is also dry (picture below, the black straps are a holster).

How are my marks?

Better than expected. I have worn my armor very little, and the marks are becoming clearer. But still visible. Marks of warriors never disappear!

How is my sexual life?

Interesting things to say.
I have worn my chastity armor very little to heal. And the effects are still powerful: the desire to touch myself is quite strong, I love playing with my pussy. My preferred toy is a pink vibrating clamshell, stimulating both vagina and clit. I tried to wear it in a car (In December in Germany): orgasm came within 20 min!
I am happy to live some time unarmored, able to have some sexual pleasure.

New challenges?

I will be very busy, so long term challenges (10 days or more) are impossible for now. But if you have any ideas of very hard (but short) challenge to do, please let me know!
I think the plugged challenge should be tried again. I had problems the last time I tried, and my smaller plug would disappoint you.
I would also love to try being locked for 40 continuous days, but I would have many issues: maybe the material will break (the silicon parts are very damaged), and I would have to cancel many shoots. Winter seems the best season to do such a challenge.

Other remark: in the street unprotected

This is not a secret, I give a lot of importance to my armor. And when I am outdoors without her, I can feel unsecure: if a stranger approachs me, with my armor, everything is fine. However, without... it's hard to explain, but I miss her.


Don't forget I will be at BoundCon in Munich, from 25th to 28th May. I will have my red shirt (a lot damaged), and some steel devices (armor, and Posture Trainer, and I don't know what else).

Pleasure with a clamshell

My poor left thigh: very dry

My right ankle: still very dry

A white dress, to show something bright =^.^=

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