Saturday, 15 April 2017

10 days in full stuff, day 3

Thank you for your support!

I have been locked in this heavy stuff for 3 day now.And bad effects are already happening: my skin is very red and dug on the waist, and the chafings by the cuffs are slightly damaging my skin.
With use of oils and creams, everything is fine.

This night was not so good (my belt and bra were painful), but I slept enough.

If you have any ideas of challenges I could do during the next 7 days,  please leave a comment!


  1. Well, Wendy, are you suffering again?
    You asked for new ideas. Here are a few:
    I would add a lockable ball gag; not too small. And I think, I would only let you out for three or four meals per day and a little water in between.

    Not enough? How about some nasty clamps on your nipples underneath your lovely metal bra? I guess there is enough space there since your breasts are smaller than the cups. Maybe something similar on your pussy lips??

    You asked for it... :)

    Happy Easter anyway and, Vive la France! Vive l'Europe!

    1. Hi =^.^=

      I am suffering because of the weight and the tightness.
      My cups are big enough to put nipple clamps under. Good idea.
      Clamps on my pussy: with my Posture Trainer, this seems to be an excellent idea!
      Lockable gag: why not.