Sunday, 21 January 2018

A new chastity belt?

Well, I plan to start soon 30 days in a new chastity belt.

I will have to soften the rules: 30 days in belt-bra-collar will remain the most important rules. However, in the case I will have an important shoot/event, I will allow myself to take the armor off (you will be warned of course). If no important shoots/events, the armor will stay on all the time: no cleaning breaks allowed, no marks-checking.

The bra and the collar will be the same as last year. I will just change the belt. it is a unique belt, made to measure for me, which deserves to belong to my favorite devices. I give myself few more days to experience the belt. I will not show it here until the day 0.

It will be a very tough, long challenge.


  1. Good news
    It's the heavyline ??
    other, is it only my thought, i think you must paid if you remove your belt for any reason by add some days more in your predicament or add thigh bands some day
    sorry for my bad thought
    i wish you good luck and many frustrated pleasures

  2. when I saw your new belt, I was a little ashamed of my idea.