Friday, 26 January 2018

[FAQ] 1 month in HEAVY chastity, day 2

It is just my day 2, and this challenge is already looking very tough.
I added a stopwatch at the top of this blog, so you can see how long I have been belted for.

You asked me many questions about this chastity belt. Here are the answers.

Is this belt able to accommodate the visits to the WC ?

Yes. I can pee through the belt easily.
To go to the big one, it is less easy: I have to unscrew the steel rod, then it can go (unscrewing the rod doesn't allow me orgasm).

Is there some lining around the hips, or is it metal on skin ?

Just steel. It is stainless steel, which was treated to look medieval (rusty). The steel is very thick (5 mm to 8 mm, depending on where you measure, padding is useless.

How heavy is it? 

I don't exagerate if I say this is the most common question.
Its weight is 4.1 kg (about 9 lb), much heavier than the HeavyLine belt I wanted. I may be right if I say it is the heaviest belt I have ever seen.
The total weight I have locked on my body is 7.4 kg (16.3 lb), namely 11% of my own weight.

When did I receive it?

I went to Belgium to pick it up the 14th January. I just gave me 10 days to get used to it.

Will I get the matching bra?

This is the other most asked question.
The Hell's Bra is not planned yet. I need to get used to the belt for now, and my My-Steel bra is very good. But who knows, it could be a project for 2019.

Is it comfortable?

It is not so bad. The weight and the plates give it an average level of comfort, but I expected worse due to its weight. Sleeping with this belt is fairly easy.
The only good position is lied down on my sides:
  • Sat down, the rod makes me a bit unsteady (sitting on a soft chair/cushion makes me steadier).
  • Lied down on my belly is awful because of the chastity bra.
  • Lied down on my back is uncomfortable for my coccyx (due to the rear plate).
  • Stood up, the weight of my belt gives a lot of pressure on my hipbones.

Why do I like heavy restraints?

I can't really explain why. It is a fetish, as some people like sex, or tattoos, or piercings, or whatever.
There are some reasons explaining why I love chastity belts, chastity bras and collars (I don't detail here). I love even more when I feel their weight and/or tightness (although they can be a bit painful). A heavy chastity belt had been a dream for years.
Anecdote: when I wanted to buy the My-Steel chastity belt, I would have loved to get the HeavyLine (I bought a Total My-Steel belt for price reasons).
Maybe I love heavy duty since I am a warrior, with powerful muscles and the desire to be challenged...

Do you have more questions? please ask them!

Currently feeling: powerful.

Shared due to requests: other views from this belt, shot during the video of day 0:

Its front plate, with 2 padlocks.

Its shield, with the rod.

Its rear, once locked on my body.


  1. is it possible to see pictures details of the belt before you wear her ?
    I think I see some redness on the sides of the belt ??

    1. Yes. I added to this FAQ some pictures shot on my day 0.

  2. I dont mean to be crude, but does the denial of sexual pleasure play a big part in this experience for you?

    1. This is not a bad question.
      On the 1st days, the lack of sexual pleasure is hard to undergo. After long enough without sexual stimulation, libido weakens, and I don't feel frustration anymore.
      In 2017, during the 3rd or 4th week, I completely forgot I had a clitoris and a vagina. I became kind-of sexless.

  3. whilst this is an extreemly admirable challenge, that you are undertaking, possibly to try and understand the hell that medieval woman may have had to go thru, and feeling of a "heavy" belt, but as far as the beauty and aesthetics are concerend, I vastly prefer the MySteel belt

    I hope you go as far as is possible with this belt, but then go back to the more "eye-pleasing" and matching Mysteel

    I am also like you, I don't miss sex at all, 10 years or more, but I do enjoy seeing a lady in chastity belt, as much as I enjoy wearing my own Neosteel, I just need to throw off a few Kilogrmas, to wear it for longer periods

  4. Bravo pour ce nouveau défi !