Wednesday, 24 January 2018

1 month in HEAVY chastity, day 0


Don't ask me what, why, how, ... I have been willing to do this for years.
30 days in a HEAVY belt!!!

I already did 1 month in belt, bra and collar (31 days to be precise). Since my My-Steel belt is worn out, I will be locked in a new kind of belt.

What I have done? the 24th January, at 16h (French time), I have done something. Give me strength.


Due to my model career, I may have shoots/events in February. For now, it is free, but if someone wants me for a very interesting shoot, I will be allowed to have few hours of freedom. This is life of a model, but of course, I will tell you if I have shoots.
Nevertheless, if I have to unlock my armor, cleaning will not be allowed.
Remind: the armor is the belt, the bra and the collar.

I will be freed for good the 23rd February evening. Daily reports will be shared here.

Can you read my fears in my eyes?


  1. Good luck! Stay strong!

  2. ears in your eyes? :-) As for tears, not a steel warrior as tough as you surely?

    1. What a mistake I have done!
      I corrected it: the mistyped word is "fears", not "tears" (although I shed some tears when I signed).

  3. wow I like the look of your new belt.
    I had fear that your challenge will not be pleasurable every day and you have to be a little masochistic to impose that on yourself.
    I find it a "medieval" look and it seems very secure and heavy.
    it seems too that they do not have silicone protection.
    can you give us the features this belt ?