Sunday, 16 July 2017

300 h in thigh cuffs: 1/4 done! (and FAQ)

Yes, I have done more than 75 h!!

I will write the report this evening. This post will answer some questions I was asked.

"Please stop before being injured":
I often shift the skin to check marks and injuries. Besides, I feel when my body says "warning" and when my body must be freed. If I keep the equipment injured, I might worsen my injuries, and they will affect my next shoots.
For now, I am fine (excpet slight injuries as deep marks). The blisters I suspected didn't come, and I don't have wounds.

Is it easy to go to toilet?
Still a question asked very often.
Peeing is fine: urine can leak all over my legs (because I can't spread my thighs), but a shower and everything is clean.
Number 2 is very easy: with the anal hole of my belt, I just sit and push, then it goes out easily. Then, shower, and I am clean.

How heavy is my stuff?
Belt, bra, collar and thigh cuffs weight almost 5 kg.

Is this just a challenge? what if I fail?
I answered in comments, but I will detail more here.
This is a challenge you wanted me to do. I made a poll on Twitter with 3 challenges, and this one won. If I fail, I fail, and there will be no consequences (except maybe some fans lost).
I write it again: I want to experience and share how I feel.
There is an other reason: I used to interest a chastity website (you must know which one I mean). He was most interested by me, but for many reasons (among others: he wanted exclusivity on me, and my level is not adapted to his website), he tossed me away. I am proving him he was wrong to reject me.

Why is my collar so hard to wear?
The guy who asked me this question is planning to buy a collar from the same blacksmith as mine.
1st: my collar is heavy, really heavy.
2nd: with the chains of my bra, I have a lot of pressure.
3rd: it has a huge ring, and the ring moves a lot. My hair or skin can be pinched in.

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