Wednesday, 26 July 2017

300 h in thigh cuffs: the day after the keys

You can't imagine what I have retrieved after my freedom.

My swimsuits
During the video, I put on my snow leopard bikini. I don't detail again how happy I was to be able to wear it. Roar =^.^=

My Lara Croft outfit
I love dressing as Lara Croft. But with thigh cuffs, wearing the shorts and the holster was not possible.
This morning, i went shooping, and I was said "you look like Lara Croft". I was happy =^.^=

A shaved pussy
Even if pussy hair was not an issue for me, I enjoyed shaving it.

Moving freely
I can move without any restraints. This feels great after more than 12 days of steel.

Breastfeeding my kittens
I love giving my kittens my breasts. And I really missed this before getting the keys.
Now I can feed them as much as I want.

My Iron Maiden Corset!
The steel item I missed the most. A very hard item to put on and wear, but I enjoy it so much!

I still need a lot of rest. 1 night was not enough.
And I will be shooting away from home, so maybe I will have less time to give you detailed articles.

My Iron Maiden Corset. I missed it so much!

Marks shot this morning. Waist and breasts are normal, but something wrong happened on the vertical part of the belt (only on front). I can't explain. Rear is clear.


  1. Such harsh marks on your front from the belt. I hope it does not hurt, and heals well. I am curious - any kitten your favorite? I wish you the best on your upcoming shoot.

    1. My marks don't hurt. They are just ugly for shoots.

      My favorite kitten is Petite Tigresse. She can be seen on this article:

    2. She is a very good looking soft kitten, thus I am sure she was the one chosen to be pressed up against your breast. I am certain that comfort is mutually shared. It must have felt so different shopping today without your full armor. Did you wear your belt?

  2. Congratulations for the challenge, now the one that I despise you learn with whom you play. Now enjoy your clothes and cats, feed them and be with them. I am glad this whole ien and that these marks disappear, perhaps they are by the heat and to be somewhat tight. A hug.

    1. My tight armor is responsible for marks. But on thigh cuffs and belly, they can't be due only to tightness. Heat played a role.

      Meow =^.^=