Thursday, 27 July 2017

300 h in thigh cuffs: 2 days after the keys

I have spent 2 nights without my steel stuff. And my life without my restraints is much better.

I am at the place I have to do my shoots. I went there by train yesterday, and I was protected (better in the train, if you know I have been picked up by a passenger and by an agent in the raistation some months ago). I wasn't hindered by this belt-bra-collar.

You asked me if I was belted yesterday when I came to go shopping. I wore my Lara Croft outfit, and a guy approached me to ask me cigarettes (remind: smoking kills). I didn't feel 100% comfortable, I was a bit afraid he could touch me where a man mustn't (still the trauma from my sexual agression). But everything went well.

Petite Tigrese is my favorite kitten. You can see her drinking after my 31 days in chastity here. She always travel with me, and in the backpack please! (not in the suitcase).
II love her fur, her cute face, ... comfort is shared =^.^=

My marks are healing very well. I don't have time to show you pictures, unfortunately.

The weather is much less hot, and this is great.

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  1. I am sure your time spent partially unrestrained (no thigh cuffs) is doing wonders to help with the wounds. Will you be ok with those terrible marked up the front caused by the belt? It makes me smile in a funny way thinking of reaction of some guy (I can not imagine the shock he would get) that would try to pick you up when you are protected. Petite Tigrese would agree with you - a man asking for things like that is looking for much more. Wish you the very best with your current shoots, and hope it stays cooler for you.