Tuesday, 25 July 2017

300 h in thigh cuffs: FREEDOM!!!!

Yes, they are finished! Finally, I have made my 300 h in thigh cuffs!

The last day was horrible. I have been so impatient.

The moments I got my keys is just priceless. I took a little steel sword to destroy the sealed envelop, then I unlocked my stuff. Calmly in appearance, but my happiness exploded.

Retrieving my snow leopard bikini was the best moment, even better than the shower.

I am so proud of what I have done. Too bad I wear the injuries of the challenge, but I will continue updating this blog, so you will know what they will become!

Destroying the envelop (my face shows how much I want them).

The shock. I MADE IT!!!

Putting on my bikini, quick!


  1. You did it. Congratulations. A true warrior experiencing a most difficult challenge. I have never lasted more than 3 days or so in my thigh cuffs. You sure "attacked" that envelope with the keys. The first photo with the leopard bikini is precious - obvious you can't wait to wear it. The last photo - such terrible wounds from the chastity going up your belly. You must have suffered much. Wondering - have you found using vitamin E cream of any help in healing and preventing any scaring?

    1. I decided not to show pictures of my marks for now. They are really bad. I prefer checking how the evolve.

      I used a cream containing vitamin E, and vegetal oil (containing many vitamins too).

      Thank you =^.^=

  2. You should rest now between challenges, to give the wounds a chance to heal. Or if you accept a challenge, something that will not aggravate your current wounds.