Tuesday, 25 July 2017

300 h in thigh cuffs: day 12: the last morning!

Physically, the challenge became really easy: I got used to my equipment, pain is weak, ...
Mentally, this is the exact reverse: the impatience is so huge, I am about to break. You must have seen these last days: my articles became shorter, and I said I am impatient.

An assessment about why I say this challenge is the hardest I have ever done.
As usual, means this is very easy, ⚔⚔⚔⚔⚔ means very hard.
  • Sexual frustration: ⚔: I didn't feel sexually frustrated. I think I am too used to chastity, and I didn't have enough sexual pleasure before the challenge.
  • Length: : 12.5 days is a very big amount of time! living with steel for so long, good luck. Remind: my previous record in thigh cuffs was 7 days.
  • Pain: :globally I would judge pain with 2 swords. Some moments are very hard, but usually this is easy.
  • Technical problems: : the glue left sometimes, but the worst was the damages on my front shield. I had to unlock the belt. For smaller ungluings (especially in my back), it was easy to glue without the keys.
  • Medical problems: : my thigh cuffs wounded my skin (see previous articles). I consider this as a serious problem, and I was lucky to be able to adapt my challenge instead of giving it up.
  • Moving, living: : I was slower than usual, unable to run, but my daily life wasn't hindered so much.
  • Weight: : all this steel equipment is heavy. Fortunately, I am strong, but wearing all this weight needs stanima. Especially to walk.
  • Clothes: : this is subjective, but I can't put less than 5 swords. I love drssing with shorts and wearing swimsuits at home. This has been undoable for this challenge.
  • Noise: : finally, the noise was not so annoying. I could have put 2 swords, but 1 is better.
  • Shower, hygiene: : the least annoying problem according to me. After peeing, a good shower on the belt, and everything is fine. Patting dry with a towel, and nothing goes wrong. Once again, this is subjective: I accept having an average hygiene, but some other girls would not.
  • Pubic hair: : I have enver mentionned it in my articles during this challenge. My pubic hair grew, but it is not very long (thanks to pulsed light). With hygiene issues, this is where I could have put 0 sword.
At the beginning, the physical aspect was very strong compared to the mental aspect. Now, close to the freedom, this is the reverse. This assessment is global.

This night was awful.


  1. Well done,m Wendy! You are a strong person and can be proud of yourself. Enjoy your freedom now, as long as it lasts. Imagine, someone held your keys and would not give them back now.... THAT would be a challenge, wouldn't it?
    Be well and happy, dear friend!! Big hugs from Daniela

  2. I will get my keys this evening. I am not free yet.

    Thank you for your comment =^.^=
    If someone keep my keys beyond the limit defined, he is a jerk. I have to shoot tomorrow: if I don't have my keys, my shoots are ruined.

  3. Fantastic. You are almost there. I am sure it is going to feel so good with armor removed, and able to take a nice bath or shower. I wish I could be there to give you a big hug - but too far away. Hint - if you live in central part of France perhaps take WendyWarrior out for a meal of her choice as a reward for accomplishing her challenge. And I agree - if your keys kept longer that would indicate someone that is not loving or caring.