Wednesday, 19 July 2017

300 h in thigh cuffs: day 6: evolution?

Hi everyone =^.^=

The poll on Twitter is finished: 86% of you want to see me with the thigh cuffs higher.
I thought a lot during the night (it is 4h30 when I started writing this article), and I think there is a way to make this challenge more interesting.

I told you in my rules: in case of technical problems, I am allowed to use my old belt and bra in replacement while the glues are drying.
So, here is the question: what if I stop wearing my current belt-bra-collar, and I swap to the old armor?
The point of this challenge is NOT to see if I can spend 300 h in my My-Steel belt and bra (I have done 31 days in the past). The  point IS to spend 300 h in thigh cuffs, and they will be held (the thigh cuffs will be put higher on my thighs, the cuffs will have to be slightly bigger, the chains shorter, but they will not leave my thighs).

Why do I think finishing the challenge in the old armor is interesting?
  1. I am not used to wearing it anymore, whereas I am used to the My-Steel armor.
  2. It is less tight, so I will have less marks (very important for me).
  3. It is a cheap stuff: if a girl wants to try chastity, this is the least expensive set she can buy.
  4. I can compare the 2 armors (I didn't document anything about my old armor).
I precise: the thigh cuffs will be the same.

A poll is available on Twitter. Let's see what you are willing to do! (you can also give your opinion in comments)

The girl near the pole is wearing my old armor, whereas I am in the My-Steel one. Isn't it a nice way to show you the both stuffs? (picture shot in April)

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