Tuesday, 18 July 2017

300 h in thigh cuffs: day 5 done

I have a timer on my laptop. When I see how many hours I have done, I am so happy.

I will starty by the usual report:
  • Hygiene: : still no problems.
  • Pain: : I am getting used to my armor. The weather is also less hot, and my bodyis deflating. I feel better.
  • Comfort: : I removed a sword. The comfort is better, I think I found the good rhythm to put oiland cream.
  • Noise: : I went outdoors with vanilla people. The noise disturbed me a little.
  • Technical problems: :I keep 2 swords, but there are no new problems to report. The front shield is well glued.
  • Moving: : I feel better with my moves.

About my wound on the right thigh: visibly, it is getting better. However, Istill don't know what this odd wound is.

About the poll: I got 88% of people who want me to put the thigh cuffs higher. It will be very interesting to shift them tomorrow, so you can see my marks on thighs evolving in real time.

I slept a lot today. But my mind is better than the days before. I am not considering to give up at all.

1 comment:

  1. I missed a day of comment, I'm glad that the technical problem was better, the erida equal is a gall and by the heat, the same with an anti-inflammatory cream could be cured. I'm glad your mind is stronger and you can move on and finish the challenge. Cheer up.