Saturday, 22 July 2017

300 h in thigh cuffs: day 9 done

Hi guys =^.^=

NINE days done! just 3 days more, and the keys will be in my hands for good!

My wound

Baby powder seems powerful. The wound is still visible, but it becomes clearer.

Marks and pain

Nothing wrong to report.

My feelings

I added thick wrist cuffs. I feel so good, this challenge will be finished within 3 days. It's too late to give up.
I still miss underwear and my IMC.

Sexual frustration

Very little, but today, I was turned on. I was watching a picture of a zentai, and my clit swelled. I felt it.
But it was too short, and I didn't touch it...

This is funny how the mental aspect evolved: I remember I felt awful the 1st days, and now I am saying "everithing is fine".

Relaxing on the floor, dreaming of keys.

 My woundis fine.


  1. It is so nice to see those terrible wounds on your thighs doing so much better. As I had shared with you earlier I too wear thigh cuffs, but have never been able to lock on for more than 3 days at the longest. I am not willing to suffer to the extent that you do. I am curious - why did you add those thick wrist cuffs? Perhaps you feel you needed more restraint, are thinking of the IMC, but of course can not put on over what you are now locked into. Your daily posts are a gift to us.

    1. The wrists cuffs were added to be weighed down, and burn more kcal. So I do more workout, and I am less tight in my belt.

      I can't wear the IMC now, but I would love!