Saturday, 8 July 2017

300 h in belt, bra, collar and thigh cuffs: rules

I plan to do a new challenge, so let's introduce the rules.

I will have to wear my belt, bra, collar and thigh cuffs for 300 h (12.5 days). I will lock myself the 13th July morning, and I will be freed the 25th July evening. Easier said than done...

The keys will be put in a sealed envelop (as usual). I mustn't use the keys before the time of freedom.

New rule: my belt and bra are damaged: if they have a serious problem (silicon cut for instance), and if I can't fix it on my body, I will be allowed to unlock this piece and do the repairing. Once repaired, I must lock back the item. If the repair is very long (some of my glues are very long to dry), I can use the Chinese copy of the item as a replacement.
Thigh cufs and collar have no technical problems knwon, so they must never be taken off from my thighs.

If I must unlock you, I will have to warn you as soon as possible. Unlocking, repairing and locking-back will be shot in video.

As usual, daily articles will be written on this blog. My aim is to share you how I feel, and to talk about the issues I will face to.
I am still open to answer your questions =^.^=

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