Monday, 24 July 2017

300 h in thigh cuffs: day 11: going to the last night

I can't help it, I need keys. I am so impatient!

My mental is collapsing. I am really impatient!

Technically, a little silicon part on the back of my belt broke, but it is harmless.

I don't want to write so much. I want keys.
Tomorrow evening, I will get them!

Isn't he a nice, lovely jaguar?

Painting my nails.


  1. Be strong. You will be completing the challenge and getting out very soon. The little jaguar, as well as your fans, are in support. You are strong, and we know you will not give in and use the keys early.

  2. Congratulations, you got it. Now to enjoy the little freedom and the clothes you want.

  3. You are quite an amazing person. Here you are about to finally remove all that armor, and it sounds like you can't wait to unlock yourself - yet you are thinking of your next challenge at the same time. So it is to be the IMC. You had mentioned you had a desire to wear that, even as you were undergoing your current challenge. I think I would actually like to try your IMC, if I had one to fit me, but could not imagine how long it would be before I would remove. It has to get rather uncomfortable quickly. Hmmmm - so what does WendyWarrior have in mind now! Some guesses - chain wrists to those D connections on the back (no - that would be horrible to endure); perhaps some sort of wear in public (I will guess no because you can't wear your heavy collar like that); perhaps use with the thigh cuffs (I will guess no because you need some healing; my guess is a longer period, but I will not say how long because I would feel bad being a part of a request that made you suffer too much.