Monday, 5 February 2018

1 month in HEAVY chastity, day 12

I tried doing self-suspensions, but it is dangerous: my skin can be pinched between the ropes and the belt. I could suspend myself by the belt: it is quite comfortable, but I can't do my moves in the air. I will put my self-suspension work in standby until the end of my challenge.

I also tried hula hoop: for the same reasons, it is dangerous.

I feel an important part of my daily life is missing: less gymnastics, less suspensions, less tight clothes, ... and of course, less sexual pleasure. I sometimes feel horny, especially when I wear handcuffs. It gives me more time to enjoy time with my friends and to give school support.

My body is still marking. I didn't believe marks can be so light (compared to my My-Steel belt).
My weight is still low (about 73 kg with armor, meaning 65.5 kg without).
The lack of comfort is still hard to bear.

The funny fact of the day: I was retweeted by This account is not linked with kinks, photography or whatever at all, it just gives news about steel (industries, works, buildings, ...). Metal workers will be disturbed if they find a model's picture on their thread. LOL

Currently feeling: the challenge is getting to me.

 I am tired. Fortunately, my big white tiger is supporting me =^.^=


  1. Como siempre genial reto, espero lo consigas, aunque ya se que este es mas duro que los anteriores por su peso y forma, es un placer seguirlo día a día, Animo.

  2. You're almost halfway through. Hang in there...oh wait you can't do suspension right now...well um...oh you get the idea. Love the funny fact of the day, it so true of the never know where something is going to show up next.

    1. Oh boy...I just followed your link...yeah that might be disturbing to some or may be (if we are so lucky) encourage them to make more fetish items...