Sunday, 11 February 2018

1 month in HEAVY chastity, day 18

I woke up today at 5h40. I was waken up by itchy breasts. Although this happens rarely to me, it is very annoying: with my bra, I can't scratch my breasts with my fingers, so I use something else: a tin rod. Tin is a ductile metal, I can easily twist it to give it the right shape to scratch. It is very thin (few mm), so it can goes (fairly) easily under my cups.
At about7h, I fell asleep again. My night was bad.

My marks: I will not show here (too hard to see on pictures), but it seems my skin became red under the rear plate. Arches leave me very few marks, but I worry about my butt.

As someone asked me: pictures showing how my armor is hidden under my clothes. I gave school support this morning, I went there with this top and skirt (this is not a dress!).

The belt is very well hidden, the collar is jewelry.
(I usually hide the ring in the nape of my neck when I work with children)

When you see my side, the reliefs due to padlocks is easy to see. But who cares!

Currently feeling: worrying about how deep my marks are.

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