Wednesday, 7 February 2018

2 WEEKS DONE! 1 month in HEAVY chastity, day 14: comparing my belts

After having spent 2 weeks in this heavy Hell's Belt (and the bra and the collar), I have enough experience to compare my 3 belts.

I got a 3rd belt, very different from the belts which are usually sold!
I remind you my 3 belts:
- Ch: Chinese belt, got in February 2014
- MS: My-Steel belt (German), got in February 2016
- HB: Hell's Belt (Belgian), got in January 2018

Adjustability: Ch > MS > HB

Chinese belts are made of screwed steel bands (which can't be unscrewed when the belt is locked): they can be adjusted on 10s of cm. My-Steel can be adjusted in the locking systems: I just have 3 cm of adjustability for the waist, and 1.5 cm on the crotch. My Hell's Belt is not adjustable at all.

Locks: Ch = MS > HB

These 3 belts are lovely, since they use padlocks. I hate integrated locks.
I say Hell's Belt's locks are worse, since they can move a lot: not only they could be easily destroyed, but they affect me a lot: if the lock goes on the wrong angle, it can give pain on my thigh.
I give My-Steel and Chinese the draw: both have drawbacks: My-Steel uses very specific locks, but they are much more protected than on the Chinese belts.

Strength: HB >> MS > Ch

Do I need to explain why the Hell's Belt is so strong?it is made out of very thick steel, and only steel.
Although the silicon of my My-Steel belt is worn out, the steel is much stronger on My-Steel than on Chinese.

Weight: HB >> MS > Ch

My My-Steel belt is a bit heavier than the Chinese one. But they are both less than 1 kg (2 lb) each. They are too light to be felt. This is not the case of the Hell's Belt, which is 4 kg. A monster!

Comfort: draw

I say comfort is a draw, since every belt has its problems about comfort. I will have to detail this article in the future.

Price: HB >> MS >> Ch

Well, this is one of the most important problems: how much these belts cost. A My-Steel belt costs about 700 EUR (the real price depends on the options you choose), whereas you can find Chinese belts for less than 200 EUR.
How much my Hell's Belt cost? I can't say. But if someone really wants to buy the one I am wearing, I would not sell it under 2 000 EUR.

Summary: HB > MS > Ch

It is a very subjective comparison. I love all my belts, but I clearly prefer the Hell's Belt. It became my daily belt.
I don't wear my Chinese belt anymore, except for double-plugged desires. My My-Steel belt was my usual belt. It is almost worn out (due to intensive wearing), but I definitely recommend this brand!

I don't detail about plugs. I could, but plugs would deserve an other article.

Currently feeling:  my breasts are having a very hard time in this armor. I feel hardened.
I have marks around my breasts (easy to see when I shift the skin). The belt gives me little marks (or it marks me under, but I have no way to check).

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  1. the only observation is my own Neosteel, which has no adjustment, purchased 10 years ago, and the weight gain since then, makes it unforgiving and uncomfortable, almost like the marks from your chastity bra.

    I need to loose weight or send the belt back for a new (larger) waistband