Friday, 23 February 2018

[2 hours after freedom!] 1 month in HEAVY chastity, day 30

Right after having got my keys, I was not able to speak (nor write) properly.I called a French friend to share my won with him: my sentences were hashed. I could not speak normally French.

Now, I feel good. I was overwhelmed by my feelings, this made a "emotional congestion", little came out. I felt very weird. I am now recovered.

This experience was excellent! I can't explain how I feel now with words from any language, it has to be lived.

The question everyone can ask: damages. Pictures are a bit harsh, but nothing is painful.
Collar: blacknesses above my shoulders (hard to see on pictures).
Bra: the skin is very dry.
Belt: yellow parts are dirt and came off after a shower, but there is a serious rash.
Damages on my body are worse than I expected.

After 2 h, I was able to walk and stand properly. I had difficulties to hold my balance properly at the begining. I was about to fall several times (especially in stairs).

I have never felt anything like this in my whole life. This is the most powerful pride and happiness I have ever had.

Currently feeling: my chest is empty.

I wore my leotard and fairy wings. I can't describe how it felt.


  1. Keep us informed on how the marks start healing/disappearing.

    1. I will publish other articles soon, to tell how I evolve after the challenge.