Saturday, 10 February 2018

Comfort in my belts

Just an extra article to detail the comfort of my 3 belts.

Before this: I have spent 24 h in thigh cuffs. This was not very interesting to live: thigh cuffs didn't affect my daily life so much, I didn't move so much today. It should be tried for a longer amount of time, but I can't for now. Being free didn't give me any good feeling.
When I wanted to shoot the video of thigh cuffs undoing, I always forgot something: the camera, my cellphone, ... my housemate (who shot me) said "yes, the challenge is affecting you".

Currently feeling: relaxed, but worn out by the challenge.

Now, time to detail (a little) the comfort of my 3 belts.

Chinese belt

The waistbelt is adjustable, but it is not elliptic: I have more pressure above my hips in the back. The silicon coming off all the time is really annoying. But it is not too tight for me, so the comfort is good.

My-Steel belt

This belt is the best adapted to my body. The silicon is worn out, which makes the belt less comfortable. But I love the wide and double shield system: it is very pleasant for my pussy.

Hell's Belt

This heavy belt! the steel plates are very thick and uncomfortable when I lie down. Nevertheless, it is the belt I feel the best in: when I am sat down, the pressure is very well spread. There is no waistbelt, so no pressure on the waist.

In my FAQ, I said these belts are equivalent about comfort. Now you know why: every belt has its advantages and its drawbacks.

Thigh cuffs are off, I shaved my legs.

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