Wednesday, 14 February 2018

3 WEEKS DONE! 1 month in HEAVY chastity, day 21

The nights are going good.
The days are going good too.

My marks become very deep on the bra. My belt doesn't mark me (except a little) due to my loss of weight.
The collar leaves me blacknesses. I hope they will heal quickly.

I will create a Skype group to share the key-day in real time. This is a moment which will be priceless for everyone. I will get my keys the 23rd February, 20h-F (GMT+1), after 30 days and 4 h of continuous chastity (20h-F where chosen to allow our US friends to watch this moment).

The funny fact of the day: I went to an association to do some DIY. I drew sketches for a gardener (we will make it out of wood later). When I went back home, a father said to his children "let Catwoman pass".
When I am dressed in black clothes and wearing my black cat ears, I am often called "Catwoman". LOL

Just 9 days to go. I hope they will be as good as today.

Currently feeling: very well =^.^=

My ugly face with cute cat ears. Yes I look a bit tired, but I feel good =^.^=

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