Thursday, 15 February 2018

1 month in HEAVY chastity, day 22

Saying in myself there are just 8 days left makes me happy and confident.

I will not be able to do longer than 30 days. I need to take care of my body to be ready for new shoots.
Remind: 23rd February at 20h-F, I will be freed. A Skype group will be created to share this moment in real time. Besides, I can do some Skype calls for my friends/fans, if they want to have news from me.

The report: it is very positive. Only "A" and "B", and just 1 "C".
Don't forget I share my life day by day. I feel very well today. There were some days I was in a bad mood (because of this challenge, my daily life or whatever), as some days are very good. Hence a very positive report today.


  • Pain: B↑: it doesn't give me so much pain anymore.
  • Marks: B: I don't know how marks are under the plate.
  • Hygiene: A: no problems at all.
  • Comfort: B↑: the comfort became better.
  • Sexual frustration: A: my clitoris sometimes wakes up and frustrates me. I like =^.^= 
  • Technical problems: A: no needs to detail. This belt will be destroyed after my death.
  • Weight: A↑: I developed a lot of strength. The weight is not a problem anymore.

  • Pain: B↑: I have less pain, easy to bear. .
  • Marks: C: they seem to be deep. Some skin cells are damaged.
  • Hygiene: A: no problems at all.
  • Comfort: B↑: I am used to it and its issues.
  • Sexual frustration: A: I don't feel my nipples anymore.
  • Technical problems: A: nothing wrong to report, except some pieces of tape which come off (but easy to replace).
  • Noise: A: I don't hear their noise anymore.
  • Weight: A: I am used to the weight of my bra.

  • Pain: B: the pressure it gives on the shoulder chains still give me little pain.
  • Marks: B: my neck shows some blacknesses.
  • Comfort: A↑: as for the bra, I am used to wearing this collar and its issues now.
  • Noise: A: no noise to report. I love hearing the ring when I run =^.^=

This morning, I drove my car to buy things. I tried hot glue gun on my My-Steel chastity belt. I will have to try to be sure the glue is effective, but I can't for now. That's bad my body can just wear 1 chastity belt at the time.

Currently feeling: confident.

 Having a bath of cats =^.^=

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