Wednesday, 21 February 2018

[Almost finished] 1 month in HEAVY chastity, day 29

Tomorrow, I will get my precious keys. I have less than 32 hours before finishing.

I had some breakdowns. The challenge was incredibly hard. Was it worth to have breakdowns?

Yes, definitely. It has been a very nice adventure. I am happy it will end tomorrow.
There were ups and downs in this huge ordeal. Ups make me prouder, downs make me stronger.
I didn't try it for the money. I was not paid to do this challenge (I just sell some videos of it). I tried it for my personal satisfaction. Now I know how it is to be locked in such a heavy stuff.

What will happen after my freedom?

I will relax and take care of my body. This blog will be kept updted weekly to share how I feel after the challenge. The challenge will end soon, but the consequences of this challenge (marks, rashes, strength increased, ...) are beyond these 30 days.
My model life will go on: I planned a trip to UK in early March, I have some parties/events planned, ... and of course, I will resume workout, suspensions, and wearing my Iron Maiden Corset!

Would have it been easier with breaks?

Honestly, I don't think so. I am used to having an average level of comfort. Cleaning breaks would have been important if I was stricter about my comfort and hygiene (which was the case last year).

How is my libido?

My clitoris is waken up. I sometimes feel horny. If there are fans who are talking me about arousing things, I will be frustrated.

Did I recover from my awful night?

I did a huge nap (2 h) yesterday afternoon.I slept very well this night. I was able to go outdoors (I had to look for a piece for my car).

Currently feeling: as Friedrich Nietzsche says: "That which does not kill us makes us stronger."

The Treasure Chest will unlock my chest tomorrow.

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  1. Ah so my comment was inspiring to you (at least enough to close out today's post with it). The challenge has been an interesting experience to read about and no I do not think you are crazy. You have also proven once again you're not one to back down from a challenge (even if it may have gotten the better of you). Good luck and have fun tomorrow with your release.