Tuesday, 27 February 2018

4 days after my month in chastity

I didn't wear any chastity belt or bra or steel collar today.

I went to the swimming pool. It was so great to swim without the belt!
There was just 1 problem: many annoying specimens of types B and C (respectively Babies and Children). More women should wear chastity belts to avoid producing these specimens.
One of this specimens looked at me when I was showering. He was half my height (litterally: his head was as high as my hips). He said "she is tall!". It already happened when I was in a store: some young boys watched me as if I was a giant. This is one of the (few) advantages to be so tall.

This evening, I watched "Shrek". When the chandelier fell on the dragon's neck, the desire came back, I wanted to lock back my collar. However, I didn't give in, and I didn't touch my collar.

I am often asked pictures of my belt (from out and in). I must do this quickly.

I had a busy day. I am tired now.

My wounds are healing. The skin is still sensitive (it reddens easily when I scratch).

Rednesses are due to the swim (they faded before I went to bed), but the wounds are looking good.

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